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V&M Systems
P.O. Box 87-56,
Basic Data:
Established:   January 9, 1992
Address:   9F, 27-7, Jung Jeng E. Road, Sec. 2, Tamshui, New Taipei, Taiwan 25170
Mail:   P.O. BOX 87-56, Taipei, TAIWAN
TEL:   +886-2-8809-8037
FAX:   +886-2-8809-8036
E-mail:   vmc@vmc.com.tw
Website:   http://www.vmc.com.tw/
Corporate Structure:

Primary Activities:
Engineering Software Systems Development and Marketing.
Public and In-house Technical Seminars & Training Sessions.
Chemical Process Systems Design, Simulation, Analysis, and Consultation.
Fluid Power Systems Design, Analysis, and Consulting.
Technical Expertise:
Engineering Software Systems Development.
Process Simulation, Analysis and Diagnosis for Petrochemical, Special
Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Pollution Prevention industries.
Fluid Power Systems Design, Analysis and Testing for Aerospace, Military, Defense, Automotive, and Mechanical industries.
Computer Aided Engineering Applications.
Engineering Software:
Chemical Process Design Simulation System [CHEMCAD]
CC-STEADY STATE (Steady-State Process Simulation)
CC-BATCH (Batch Distillation Simulation)
CC-THERM (Heat Exchanger Design & Rating)
CC-FLASH (Physical Property & Phase Equilibrium Calculation)
CC-DYNAMICS (Dynamic Process Simulation)
CC-SAFETY NET (Piping & Safety Relief Network Simulation)
CC-ONLINE (Online Process Simulation and Optimization)
Fluid Power and Motion Control System [HyPneu]
HyPneu V12 (Hydraulic & Pneumatic System Design Simulation)
Frequency Analyzer
Thermal Analyzer
HyPneu Linx (MATLAB/Simulink, RecurDyn, ....)
Magi (Hydraulic Components Performance Analyzer)
Data Presentation Manager (DPM)
Unit Conversion Manager (UCM)
Fluid Property Manager (FPM)
Fluid Viscosity Calculator (FVC)
Bulk Modulus Calculator (BMC)
Reynolds Number Calculator (RNC)
Orifice Flow Calculator (OFC)
Cylinder Structural Integrity Analyzer (CSIA)
Motor Performance Analyzer (MPA)
Pump Performance Analyzer (PPA)
Valve Flow Area Calculator (VFAC)
Tube Pressure Flow Calculator (TPFC)
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