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Application Notes

Recovery Of Crude Acrylonitrile (ACRYLO3A)
MTBE Process With H2SO4 Catalyst (MTBEACID)
IPA Azeotropic Distillation With Entrainer (IPA-AZEO)
Ammonia Syngas Plant (SYNGAS)
Ethyl Acetate By Reactive Distillation (ESTER)
Toluene-Acetone-Water (TER-LLE)
Sec-Butanol-MEK-Water (TER-VLE)
Power Plant Steam Balance (POWRPLNT)
Detailed Model Of An Industrial Power Plant (POWER!)
"Poly Methanol" Reaction System (POLYCH3OH)
The Phthalic Anhydride Process (PA)
Glycerol Evaporation Plant (GLYCEROL)
Benzene Hydrogenation To Cyclohexane (CYCLOHEX)
MEK Process Dehydrogenation Of sec-Butanol (MEK_15K)
De-Isobutanizer Sample (DEBUT)
Propane-Propylene Splitter (PROPSPLT)
Batch Distillation Of Essential Oil With CC-Batch (CITRON)
Batch Drying Of Acetic Acid By Azeotropic Distillation (Batch 3)
PH-Meter Simulation With Sensitivity Analysis (PH-METER)
Wet Desulfurization Of Flue Gas (WET-SOX)
Ammonia Absorber (AMMONIA)
LLE Desulfurization Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LLEAMIN)
CO2 Removal By Hot Carbonate/Benfield/Process (K2CO3)
Selective H2S Removal With MDEA (MDEA)
MEA Sour Gas Treatment Plant (GASTREAT)
Sour Water Stripper Sample (SOUR)
Acrylonitrile/Acetonitrile Extractive Distillation With Sensitivity Analysis(ACN_SENS)
Extractor Design With Sensitivity Analysis (EXTR)
CS2 Removal From BTX With Sensitivity Analysis (CS2)
Gas Turbine Simulation (GASTRBIN)
Natural Gas Expansion With Temperature Control (CNTLGAS)
Blending Of Crude Oil (BLENDING)
Atmospheric Distillation Of Crude Oil (ATMOS)
Vacuum Tower With TBP Assay (VACCUUM)
Lean Oil Absorption System (LEANOIL)
Hydrotheater Unit Simulation (HTREAT)
Cat-Cracker Gas Separation (CRACKSEP)
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